EXPORTROPIC works hand in hand with its suppliers. This is a philosophy of work that has the company since its inception, because we know that in order to offer an optimum quality product, not only must we ensure the suitability of internal processes, but also we must promote the integral well-being of its suppliers . In this way, we establish long-term strategic relationships with all our suppliers, providing them the required support.

EXPORTROPIC promotes Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) among all its suppliers. The company accompanies them in all processes, trains them and gives them facilities to grow as strategic allies in the marketing chains, allowing us to manage supply continuity, product homogeneity, quality and, by the way, to increase production and productivity of supplying farms.

The philosophy of EXPORTROPIC is not to do business for seasons or shortage with our customers and suppliers, but instead, we foster long-term relationships, support and guide peasants about our quality needs, visit their crops and provide them the technical and logistical assistance they require.

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